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Tesla entering India?! – 5 Things You Should Know

Breathing clean air and being on time in Indian cities, are luxuries that sometimes, even the rich can’t afford. While our state and central governments are trying their best to upgrade our public transport to mitigate the latter, our pollution levels are really quite awful.

Check out the top 8 startups who will compete at Seedstars Delhi

Seedstars has announced the top eight seed-stage startups that will compete in Delhi to represent India at the Seedstars Global Summit in Switzerland. As pre-selections were brought to an end, the most disruptive tech startups were chosen and invited to participate in a dynamic pitch

Gender Equality Matters

It’s no secret that India faces some pretty confusing gender norms – on the one hand, females are worshipped, on the other, they face brutal social repressions and gendering. Patriarchal society in India is largely responsible for this, and it is usually the consensus of

Take up this challenge to improve last-mile connectivity in Bangalore

Bangalore has earned the title of ‘Silicon Valley’ of India, and rightly so, it is home to some of the brilliant entrepreneurs, houses innovative and emerging startups across various sectors and serves as a headquarter to various companies, and houses brilliant entrepreneurs. However, there’s one